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Images: Political & Photographic

Two OLLI instructors, Historian Kevin Peterson and Technology Expert Gary Smaby, share an illuminating conversation about the marriage of politics and photography -- from  Lincoln's first campaign to the present.

Staying After School

In typical OLLI fashion, a conversation between a teacher and student becomes an opportunity for two women to connect as peers,  sharing some very personal details about their lives.

OLLI Goes to Washington D.C.

A young college student joins two much older OLLI members to relive their multi-generational and magical journey to Washington D.C. via the popular OLLI travel program.

Wonders of the Human Body

Two OLLI instructors, one a  retired surgeon and the other a former professor of Pharmacology, discuss the most complex and wondrous mechanism on earth: the human body. 

An Artist and a Scientist

Two OLLI instructors from different disciplines - Cash Baxter, an artist and Larry Fox, an economist - discover they have much in common.

The Covid-19 Classroom

Sue Anderson, OLLI director, and Lacey Kendall, an OLLI instructor and media specialist at Cal State San Bernadino, exchange thoughts about the opportunities --  and the challenges --of remote learning. 

It Takes a Village to Run an OLLI

Two OLLI volunteers and donors - Sue Robinson-Neeb and Ray Smythe - share thoughts about the rewards of giving support to the OLLI program.

Hollywood, Once Upon a Long Time Ago: The Legends

OLLI instructors and Hollywood veterans - Sue Cameron and Frank Furino - share memories of the legends of Tinseltown and Vegas.

Hollywood, Once Upon a Long Time Ago: The Blondes

Two OLLI instructors and Hollywood veterans examine the story of two blondes, one who survived Hollywood, Kim Novak, and one who succumbed, Marilyn Monroe.

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